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The Blackstone Security Group, LLC, based in Mt. Laurel, NJ, provides solid and dependable security and protection services throughout New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area. BSG provides first class executive protection security for celebrities, corporate executives, VIPs and musical acts. We also provide uniformed security for churches, synagogues, event venues, bars and nightclubs. In addition to top notch security services, we also offer: K-9 team services for protection work, explosive sweeps, armed private estate security and VIP transportation. 

Executive Protection

BSG specializes in protecting VIP individuals and their families from any type of threat.

Armed Security

If you’re facing credible threats to your physical safety or that of your family, let BSG provide maximum protection.

K9 Services

BSG, offers K-9 services in South Jersey, as security for high profile residents, narcotics detection, and explosives sweeps.

Synagogue & Church Security

If you ‘re concerned about the safety of your local church, or synagogue, reach out to BSG today.

Firearms Training

Get Your NJ Firearms ID or NJ Carry License with our help!

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Nothing is more important than your safety, and fear of being assaulted or attacked shouldn’t be a part of your daily life. If you are facing threats and experiencing frightening occurrences, we can help you take back control of your safety and bring you peace of mind. BSG can provide the protection service you need, train you in handling firearms, and help you live your daily life with less fear.

We also offer Executive Protection and armed private security for VIPs in the New York and Philadelphia region. In addition to providing best in class protection services around the country, Blackstone also provides plain clothes event security and performs K9 Team sweeps for narcotics and explosives in hotels and private estates. As a licensed private investigator, Dave Ollivier has the ability to investigate the source of any potential threat through his databases and security colleagues around the world, and then work closely with local, state and federal authorities as needed to mitigate the threat.

Reach out to us today to find out more about our services and how we can protect you and your family.


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Dear Dave. Thanks so much for the awesome 2 hr. pistol last week. Your input, patience and expertise was just what I needed as a brand-new shooter. Now, I know I can properly protect my home and my family during an emergency. I will highly recommend your services! Thanks again.
Slide 2
I was a victim of domestic violence for many years. After my husband was arrested, his threats of physical violence against me continued and I was in fear for my life every day. I was desperate to protect my family and didn’t know where to turn. Blackstone’s armed security services came highly recommended during my search for help. The protection team assigned to my detail was very professional and brought a tremendous amount of relief to me and my family when they were present. Thank you for your help!
Slide 3
To Dave and his Team, Thanks so much for providing a top-notch armed security detail for the special events we had at our facility last week. Your team was fantastic and worked well with our existing voluntary security people. After the event, many church members came to my office to express their appreciation for the extra layer of armed protection you and your team of professionals provided. Job well done! I have already recommended your services to other Pastor’s in the area.
Slide 4
Thank you for providing a much-needed security presence at my office last week during an employee termination. The world we live in today is much different than years ago, and it’s unfortunate that now many people retaliate with extreme violence. Most of our employee terminations are conducted in private without any issues, but due to the threats received last week by the soon to be terminated employee, I felt the need to have additional security manpower in place. It was very reassuring for my HR personnel knowing that your team are retired Police Officers with a military background as well.
– JOHN R. 8-6-21 TRENTON, NJ
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Mr. Ollivier, Words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude for the dedication, commitment, and professionalism you displayed while protecting my family on our recent trip. Prior to accepting this assignment, you knew there was a credible threat against my life and my family was in danger. Despite the dangers you may have faced, you remained a true professional during our chaotic schedule. We are so grateful for your hard work and for making the security of my family your top priority!
Slide 6
Dear Mr. Ollivier, It’s not too often I take time to say “Thank You” to anyone, but in this case I felt the need to do so. Last month when my staff and I traveled to Philadelphia, Pa. for business, your security team was prepped and ready for our arrival at the airport and had already determined the most direct route to the hotel in the city. Knowing our rooms was swept for bugs, cameras and listening devise prior to our arrival made everyone feel safe and secure upon arrival. Over the next few days, your team provided transportation to my various meetings and stayed nearby the entire time. Thanks so much for your hard work, planning and dedication.
– THOMAS E. 7-14-21 TOLEDO, OH

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