Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

At Blackstone Security Group, we provide simple, cost-effective and reliable construction site security services for New Jersey companies. We provide trained security officers that oversee your operation and let you concentrate on more important work. Our security officers are highly skilled and trained, and we provide security services for a variety of industries throughout the U.S.

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Why Bring In Construction Site Security?

Construction site theft and vandalism is rampant everywhere in the U.S., including where you conduct your own business. Even outside of high crime areas, construction sites with little or insufficient security often suffer thousands or even millions of dollars in losses. Heavy equipment and copper are key targets for theft, and in many cases the stolen goods are never recovered. In addition, a construction site is an inviting target for vandalism and destruction.

Copper thefts alone costs the industry over $1 billion every year. More importantly, losing equipment and materials or becoming a victim of vandalism is not only costly, it also results in delays and downtime.

You and your crew don’t have to be victims. You can bring in professional construction site security officers to protect your employees, your equipment, and your site. Recent studies have shown that a security presence at construction sites greatly reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. The cost is minimal considering the potential cost of not hiring security.

Your Construction Site Security Professionals

BSG makes it easy for you. Just one phone call can start you off with the protection you need. We can provide security for one small site or multiple large sites throughout the state, with licensed, experienced, and dependable security officers and fully trained K-9 teams.

We can provide the security solutions you need and help you stay within your budget. In addition, you’ll have a single point of contact throughout your project. We will assign a Security Consultant to your team, always ready to respond to your needs and answer your questions.

Wherever your construction project is in New Jersey and the surrounding area, Blackstone Security Group can keep the project going, without concern for crime of theft. Let us help.

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Dave Ollivier is a former Military police Officer in the United States Marine Corps, and spent 15 years as a Police Officer and a Police Detective. He is an NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor and an active member of the NJLPIA (New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association).