Armed Private Security

Are you facing credible threats to your physical safety or that of your family? Let our armed private security agents provide maximum protection. Our professionals are former law enforcement and/or ex-active military members. We are highly trained to deal with every potential hazard and threat. When the time comes, we’ll be ready to react to danger at all times.

BSG understands your desire to be less fearful and to live your life as you desire. Our agents know how to stay close enough to be ready to react to danger. Just as importantly, we are skilled at remaining as unobtrusive as possible.

Estate Security Services

When it comes to personal security engagements, your residence, family, and personal property is front and center of our service. Robberies are becoming a greater problem in more affluent neighborhoods. It’s important that your estate protection goes beyond a security and alarm system.

BSG provides protection at your home with 24/7/365 Executive Protection coverage and response. We can provide armed or unarmed agents available as needed to protect you and your family.  We also can  set up electronic security services  and alarms for your home.

Our team also provides appropriate Executive Protection policies and procedures, as well as security awareness training and collaboration with your family, staff, and visitors.

Protecting Your Lifestyle And Travel Plans Too.

BSG’s goal is providing you peace of mind without disrupting your normal lifestyle. We train our Executive Protection agents to operate in the background and in a covert fashion. Unless we see a direct threat to your daily routine, we’ll help you to live as you want to.

If you are traveling, we plan ahead for your protection…we do thorough intelligence and advance work, and our agents visit all of the destinations on your itinerary prior to your arrival. They will effectively assess any potential threats, gather protective intelligence, and form a security plan that includes primary and secondary routes, the nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, and all building entrances.

Your protection agents will meet in advance with key personnel at each location, and form backup plans to avert possible threats. BSG also maintains a library of continuously updated advance information for all of the locations you frequently visit.

Do you make spur of the moment decisions to go places, or does your position require travel at a moment’s notice? We can handle that too, including for international travel. BSG works in partnerships with officers who have the knowledge of the region and understand security needs, and we handle private investigations as needed. We currently have resources in 22 regions across the globe, serving 95% of the world’s cities.

Privacy Protection

armed private securityExecutive Protection goes beyond your physical safety…it includes protecting your privacy and your identity as well. Being a top tier executive makes you a target for identity theft, revealing of personal information online, and other incidences that can severely damage your financial status and reputation.

At BSG, we use a comprehensive suite of tools and procedures that protect your privacy on every level, including genuinely unbreakable e-mail encryption to protect your communications.

Remember, we’re trained to be discreet too. Our agents are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement regarding your personal information. They only have access to information they need. We’re always interested in protecting your lifestyle, and that includes working unobtrusively and in a low-profile manner.

Personal Executive Security – More Than a Bodyguard or “Buddyguard”

Personal security is not a commodity, and armed private security is more than just “hiring a bodyguard.” Your protection is only as good as the agents on the ground, the technologies they use, their ability to execute under duress, and the management team that oversees their work.

There are dozens of companies that provide security for CEOs and high income individuals, and we’ve seen their varying levels of competence and quality performance. If you’re a high net worth individual, we highly recommend that you consider important things when hiring a security firm. Take a close look at their track record protecting clients like yourself, their relationship with law enforcement, and their standards for agents regarding training and execution.

As you certainly know, security threats are more sophisticated and dangerous than ever, and they are constantly evolving. Prime target and high net worth individuals and households especially are vulnerable to all types of malicious attacks. Your wealth management strategy needs to oversee your valuable assets as well as your physical security.

BSG Provides Discreet Yet Effective Executive Protection

As a high profile individual, it can be a challenge to lead a normal life. With our services, you can feel safe without attracting unwanted attention. Whether you are traveling, running errands or doing business, our Executive Protection agents operate in a discreet manner. They work to assess threats, gather necessary intelligence, and formulate a safe travel plan when you are on the go.

Whether you’re traveling internationally, making public appearances, or attending important events, our security agents go the extra mile in averting possible threats by assessing the routes to facilities and emergency exits.

High net worth individuals face higher levels of risk than the average citizen. At BSG, we provide both armed and unarmed security agents who have undergone rigorous training and are certified to provide the best in Executive Protection.

Thank you for providing a much-needed security presence at my office last week during an employee termination. The world we live in today is much different than years ago, and it’s unfortunate that now many people retaliate with extreme violence. Most of our employee terminations are conducted in private without any issues, but due to the threats received last week by the soon to be terminated employee, I felt the need to have additional security manpower in place. It was very reassuring for my HR personnel knowing that your team are retired Police Officers with a military background as well. Thanks for your assistance.



I was a victim of domestic for many years. After my husband was arrested, his threats of physical violence against me continued and I was in fear for my life every day. I was desperate to protect my family and didn’t know where to turn. Blackstone’s armed security services came highly recommended during my search for help. The protection team assigned to my detail was very professional and brought a tremendous amount of relief to me and my family when they were present. Thank you for your help!


If you are concerned about threats to your safety, don’t wait. Let Blackstone provide the armed private security services that you need. Call us today or use our online form to request a quote. You deserve to live your life safely.