Professional Corporate Security for VIP Events

Professional Corporate Security for VIP Events

At Blackstone Security Group, LLC, we provide first class professional corporate security for VIP events, gatherings, and corporate functions. We’ve been serving corporate clients for many years now, and we’ve always provided professional and reliable security that makes event organizers, hosts, and attendees feel safe. Our protection agents are all former military and/or retired law enforcement officers with strong security backgrounds and experience.

Why Professional Corporate Security For Your Event?

With all of the details and planning that goes into conducting a large scale corporate event, the one most important concern is the safety and security of the host and guests. Your event should go the way you planned it without having to worry about an unexpected threat of violence or disruption. Your guests shouldn’t have to be concerned about their safety.

Blackstone Security Group is a leader in corporate event safety. Our executive protection teams can oversee all of your security needs to make your event a successful one, by integrating themselves into your event without being noticed, and addressing any potential concerns without distraction.

Our security personnel is available for VIP events, trade shows, board meetings, conventions, corporate retreats, and much more. We can provide any level of security service you need for whatever the size of your event. At all stages of the process, our trained agents will work with you and make you aware of any concerns and how to address them. Throughout your event, our agents will be ready to react to handle any threat that arises.

BSG’s protection agents are highly and continually trained on handling VIP event security. They have experience and knowledge to handle everything needed for your event: crowd control, access control, venue inspection, information protection, perimeter monitoring and more. We are dedicated to the mission of keeping you and your employees safe!

Executive Protection For Corporate VIPs

When high level shareholders and board members attend an event, it includes additional risk and requires unique protection. Security threats can come from disgruntled employees, activists, vendors and others. When board meetings involve significant decisions, it could result in threats and potential violence against high level executives and others in the company.

Our executive protection teams take into account all of the potential threats and plan accordingly. They understand how to spot suspicious actions, and take the necessary steps to keep situations from getting out of control, through de-escalation whenever possible. Our mission at all times is to keep your meeting or event safe for you and your guests.

Additional events that carry risk are new product launches, service announcements, trade shows and conventions among others. Your security staff plays a role in protecting your information as well as your attendees. We manage access to the room and enforce the rules of conduct, including preventing mobile phone usage and secret photography. Our services protect your information and your company’s reputation.

Our agents have a wealth of experience in dealing with conventions and trade shows, which involve special challenges. We manage the traffic flow entering and exiting, ensure that attendees are behaving safely, and protect restricted areas. Our goal is to make you and your event guests forget that we’re there and simply enjoy themselves.

Call BSG Today To Schedule Security For Your Next VIP Event!

Whatever the size, location, and theme of your event, reach out to Blackstone Security Group, LLC for first class security service. We employ highly trained former and off-duty law enforcement officers and military personnel with strong backgrounds in security service. Our event security officers are competent and knowledgeable. They enable you to carry out your event without a hitch and make it a successful one.

If you are planning a corporate event or need executive protection for VIPs, reach out to Blackstone Security Group today. Call us at 856-885-4319 and speak with our owner Dave Ollivier directly. You can also visit this page to request a quote online. We will plan your event with you and help address potential threats and provide the best possible protection.

Blackstone Security Group is certified and recognized by New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators, the Fraternal Order of Investigators, ASIS International, and more. See more about our certifications here.