Unarmed Security Services

Unarmed Security Services

Blackstone Security Group, LLC, provides a wide variety of security services and protection, including unarmed security services. We employ retired and off-duty law enforcement and/or military personnel who are qualified to deal with security risks and execute an effective response. Our unarmed officers with within your security structure to react as needed when your company experiences a security breach, and they serve as an effective deterrent to crime.

Why Hire Unarmed Security Officer Service?

In addition to your responsibility as a business owner to keep employees, vendors and customers safe, you also need to protect your equipment, intellectual property, inventory and other assets. In today’s world, security has become much more of a concern.

Having unarmed, uniformed security officers on staff is a great way to deter theft and other potential threats and protect what belongs to your company. While armed security personnel is effective against more serious threats, unarmed officers are sometimes better suited for your needs as a business owner.

At BSG, we can help you plan a full security strategy that includes the presence of unarmed and trained officers to protect your place of business. We provide solutions that suit your budget, with qualified, licensed and uniformed security officers trained to handle every situation. Having uniformed officers on site can help keep your employees and your assets safe.

Why You May Need Unarmed Security Services

Security service can be a significant portion of your company budget, so we know that the decision to have unarmed guards is an important one. We can meet with you and help you determine how our unarmed security professionals can help.

For example, if your site contains a large amount of cash, jewelry or prescription medications among other valuable items, this is obviously a concern. If you are located in a high crime area, or if your site maintains high level classified or valuable intellectual property, it could also be a target. In fact these situations could require a higher level security presence, depending on the value of items stored there. These situations may in fact require armed security services.

If these aren’t concerns for you, it’s still wise to have a security presence. Unarmed security personnel are your first line of defense…whether the threat is disgruntled employees, thieves, trespassers, or others.

In many cases, a uniformed officer’s presence alone is an effective deterrent. It shows potential bad actors as well as your employees and customers that you take your company’s security seriously. Officers are trained in how to respond to a wide variety of situations, including fires and active security threats. Even without weapons, they are trained to how to de-escalate and resolve conflicts.

We employ highly skilled officers that know all the details when it comes to protecting business sites of all sizes. Our first class unarmed security professionals have experience protecting hotels, warehouses, pharmacies, nursing homes, industrial facilities, convenience stores, residential communities and much more.

Your Unarmed Security Service Professionals

At Blackstone Security Group, we know how to prepare your place of business for any threats. We also know how to respond when emergencies arise. Armed security, while effective and sometimes necessary, can be costly and may not always be proportionate. We can help you protect your place of business while staying within your budget.

Our unarmed security personnel can help protect your company’s people and assets, and make visitors feel safe. Your employees are more effective and your customers can stick around comfortably.

Do you own a small business or a business that is not high risk? If so, unarmed security services could be the solution for you. Our unarmed officers are just as skilled and fully trained as our armed security personnel. They know exactly how to respond to threats. Our founder, Dave Ollivier, is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, a former police officer/detective, and a member of the ASIS Global Security Network.

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