Security Services For Private Parties

Security Services For Private Parties

Blackstone Security Group, LLC is the answer to your search for security services for private parties. We provide highly trained professional security officers who are highly trained and skilled in dealing with most any situation. We can help ensure that your private event is safe and secure, and that your guests have a great time.

Whether your event is large or small, whether you need a two-man or ten-man security team, we can provide the level of security you need. We partner with your organizers and ensure that any and all potential risks are addressed.

Why Hire Security Service For Your Private Event?

Private parties, particularly company-sponsored events, have a unique set of security concerns. There are many potential threats and issues to be mindful of, and each private party has unique circumstances and needs for security on hand.

Security Services For Private Parties

Just a few of these are:

Alcohol and Large Crowds – When a large number of people are in a space and many of them become more intoxicated, the potential for fights, out of control behavior and violence increases exponentially. It’s important to address situations quickly, and having professional security officers who are trained to handle escalating behavior and can neutralize a situation. The presence of security officers alone helps to keep the peace.

VIP Presence – If there is a high profile guest at your event, this could become an additional concern. Corporate executives, famous entertainers and other well-known people are targets of stalking fans, intrusive reporters and others, and their presence can increase the chance of disruption and theft. Security service professionals are trained to protect the privacy and provide security to VIP individuals, with respect to all of the guests in every situation.

Uninvited Guests – Party crashers aren’t always the relatively harmless guys from the Wedding Crashers movie. In many cases an uninvited guest can be a disruption and a potential security risk. They could be planning to assault or victimize someone at the party. A security officer can manage access to your event, and should a party crasher manage to be found in the event, the security staff can address the problem quickly while keeping your guests safe.

At BSG, we can address all of the security concerns for your private party. We manage your guest list, are experienced in crowd control, and can provide additional protection for VIPs and more. We have been providing private party security for many years and we have a background in protecting guests in parties of all sizes.

Our trained security officers can act as ushers, perform perimeter patrols, handle traffic and parking, neutralize overly intoxicated guests, and much more. We are ready for emergency responses, and we stay connected with local law enforcement. Whatever your security needs, we have the staff and experience to help you. We will assess any threats before, during and after the event, protect your party and ensure that it’s a successful one.

Keep Your Private Party Safe and Enjoyable For All

Our security officers are highly trained  and have experience in the military and/or law enforcement. They have background and training in party and event security, and are fully qualified to provide security services for private parties. Our founder, Dave Ollivier, is a Marine Corps veteran and former police officer/detective, and has spent a lifetime keeping people safe, including with private investigations. Our mission is to help you and your guests enjoy the event without concern.

We partner with multiple businesses and corporate entities for security at a wide variety of events, including weddings, after parties, award shows, sporting events, festivals, galas, art premieres, fundraisers and much more. Our reputation for the best in service from our officers and management is of the highest caliber. Our services are fully tailored to your security needs large and small.

We’re here to make your private party a safe and enjoyable event for everyone.

Do you need quality and dependable security services for private parties or VIP events? Reach out to Blackstone Security Group today. Call us at 856-885-4319 to speak with our founder Dave Ollivier directly, or fill out this online form to request an initial quote!