Philadelphia Private Security and Executive Protection

Blackstone Security Group, LLC is your dependable, solid and trustworthy choice for Philadelphia private security and executive protection. We provide a full range of protection services for celebrities, musical acts, executives and other VIPs when visiting the city of Philadelphia and the region. We can provide explosive sweeps, K-9 services, armed private security, event security, VIP transportation and more.

Having achieved a level of success in your life shouldn’t be a reason to fear your safety and be victimized by threats. Let Blackstone Security Group take back your life and give you peace of mind when traveling, and enjoy everything that the great city of Philadelphia has to offer. We can help you live without fear, while unobtrusively monitoring you and your family in the background. We also offer first class firearms training for our interested clients.

Private Security and Executive Protection Experience

Dave Ollivier, the founder and owner of Blackstone Security Group, was a Military Police officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and spent 15 years as a Police Officer and a Police Detective. He has worked with the FBI, the DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security, and is a NJ licensed private investigator. Dave and his team of agents have many years of experience and know what it takes to keep people safe, and we care very strongly about each individual case that we take on.

Our agents are specially trained to minimize risks as much as possible, while staying far enough in the background to not be a constant intrusion. We meet with you and develop a thorough risk and vulnerability assessment, that includes your place of business, your home, your family’s routines and more, and identify potential sources of risk. We then decide on a plan to effectively protect you from those risks.

We follow a “3 Rings of Protection” protocol that puts emphasis on proactive and preventative security. Our agents will devise a plan for maximum protection for you and your family, while working with local law enforcement. Our agents will keep you and your family safe without disrupting your life and daily activities.

If you are facing threats or intimidation tactics when you travel, don’t hesitate. Call us NOW at 856-889-4319 and tell us about your concerns and your security needs.

Reach out to Blackstone Security Group when you need Philadelphia private security and executive protection. We have the tools, manpower and experience to keep you and your loved ones safe, and let you enjoy visiting our great city. Contact us today and tell us your situation.