Armed Security For Workplace Violence Threats

As you may have noticed, companies like yours are even conducting active shooter drills and preparing for other violent events – and requesting armed security for workplace violence threats. It is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in – workplace violence security has become a necessity. The number of Americans who will be victims of some sort of workplace violence each years is increasing. We can tell you that no business is immune from the threat of sometimes even lethal violence.

In this environment, armed security agents in plain clothes can offer low profile, but highly effective security for your employees and staff against potential violent acts. It is strongly recommended if you believe you have cause for concern.

Armed Security For Workplace Violence ThreatsWhat Is Workplace Violence?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines workplace violence as “any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.” This can mean a variety of things. The definition of workplace violence ranges from verbal harassment to the horror of mass shootings.

Very often a workplace violence incident is triggered by an event, such as a breakup of a personal relationship, an employee termination, or aggravated harassment. While in many cases the perpetrator may have a target in mind, in many cases they simply want to cause destruction.

When an incident is taking place, security officers can make the difference and even save lives if they are properly trained.

Is Workplace Violence A Genuine Concern?

Yes, unfortunately it is! Workplace violence is a chief concern of business owners today, and the threat continues to rise. As mass shootings have swept across the nation, more and more businesses are seeing the need for armed security staff in the workplace.

The statistics show that while the number of workplace homicides may be decreasing somewhat, workplace violence is still very much a threat, and companies should always be ready to stop a violent actor.

It may seem less important, but workplace violence also ultimately impacts company executives, employees, clients and more. The costs of negligence to a company can be staggering, often in the millions. Even an out-of-court settlement could break a smaller business. Many businesses see decreases in productivity and significant employee turnover following a workplace violence event.

How Can I Prepare For Workplace Violence?

The best defense against any workplace violence is to prepare in advance – by hiring an armed security team of professionals. Every second counts. Waiting for the police to arrive only gives a violent actor more time to assault and possibly kill. At Blackstone Security Group, we can provide the protection for you ahead of time, with highly skilled and trained security personnel. Our security guards are trained to be able to handle a wide variety of dangerous situations, and will be prepared at your place of business.

Our security professionals have police and military backgrounds, and we can customize your protection services for your needs. We can help your company prepare as you make decisions that may result in employee rage…such as terminations, layoffs, and disciplinary actions. We protect your executives and staff during your most vulnerable moments, including company-wide gatherings, shareholder meetings and press conferences.

Our officers focus on defusing a violent actor as quickly as possible. We continually train our officers in methodologies and technology so that you and your employees can feel safe. Our staff screens people entering and exiting, identify risk factors and behaviors, and their presence itself is a deterrent.

Armed Security For Workplace Violence Threats

Nothing can actually prevent an employee from acting in a reckless manner. If you have a concern, hiring an armed security team is a solid part of a workplace violence security program. Adding armed security to your background checks, company policies and employee training can be extremely effective in thwarting workplace violence.

Let Blackstone Security Group show your employees, customers, and visitors that your place of business’s security is a top concern.

Request Armed Security For Workplace Violence Today.

Your employees, staff and contractors are your most valuable assets. It’s well worth the investment to have armed security for workplace violence threats ready and keeping them safe. Remember, the best protection is deterrence. Be prepared…it could happen to you. Protect your place of business with military and police level trained security officers.

We provide workplace security protection for clients across the country, and we provide short-term and long-term security personnel.

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