Armed Security Services

Armed Security Services

Armed security officers for your business don’t just protect your workplace in the event of violence…they are often the most important part of your overall workplace security plan. Yes, alarm systems, employee screenings, and security cameras all help. But with the growing number of security risks in the workplace, having professional security staff on hand is the best way to protect your employees, customers and assets. We’re here to offer the armed security services you need.

At Blackstone Security Group, LLC, we’ve been providing top of the line security officers and professionals to business of all types for many years. We provide security for executives and their families, private events and parties, workplaces and more. Our services are based in the New Jersey and greater Philadelphia region, but we can provide the armed security you need anywhere.

Our trained security officers have a military and police backgrounds, and they stay continually educated on best security practices. They have extensive experience in tactical situations, and they understand how to identify threats and respond accordingly, including using force when necessary. We ensure that all of our security personnel are prepared to make you feel safe.

We offer short-term security for events, or long-term security for public projects or for your home or business. We can customize your security coverage to suit your needs large and small.

Does Your Business Need Armed Security Officers?

Your business can benefit from armed security officers in a variety of ways, but one of the most important is the value of deterrence. Bad guys know that your business takes security seriously, and is prepared to respond to any threat or criminal activity. Alarm systems, however effective, don’t create that impression nearly as effectively as an armed security presence.

Armed security officers understand the gravity of a potential violence situation, and we focus on defusing that situation whenever possible. Their goal is to establish safety and to make the people in the area feel safe.

When criminals do act on your business property, armed security officers will take down the threat as quickly as possible. At Blackstone Security Group, our staff has years of experience in military and police backgrounds to draw from to neutralize a violent actor. They know how to act quickly, and to protect bystanders. They are also trained in conflict resolution, and work towards a peaceful resolution whenever possible.

Your armed security officers can perform a number of preventive measures, including threat assessment, property access, vehicular patrols, logging events, communicating with local law enforcement, and much more.

There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Security.

As a business owner, you understand that security is always a moving target, and your employee and customer safety is your top concern. In addition to installing alarm systems and security cameras, you should always be ensuring that everyone is as safe as possible…bring in the armed security services you need, and officers with the experience needed to handle any situation.

At Blackstone Security Group, LLC, we’re one of the top security providers in the nation. We’ve served Fortune 500 companies and have worked with every type of business in every industry. We have our armed security officers complete intensive training and ensure that they stay continually posted on best practices. Your security is just as much our concern as it is yours.

Request Armed Security Services Today.

Protect your business and your employees with experienced and trained armed security officers. Reach out to Blackstone Security Group, LLC today and tell us about your needs. Let us put together a comprehensive security plan that includes top level protection of armed officers.

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