Why Firearms Training is Important for Homeowners

Why Firearms Training is Important for Homeowners

At Blackstone Security Group, one of the many security services we offer is firearms training. Dave Ollivier, our founder, has a military and police background with extensive firearms experience, and he is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. Dave can not only teach you all of the basics of gun ownership, handling, and safety, but also why firearms training is important for homeowners.

We would all like to live in a world where people never feel like they need to own a gun for safety in their home. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world – and your own personal circumstances may be threatening your safety though no fault of your own.

You might have broken a relationship with an abusive partner and be concerned about retribution. You might live in a neighborhood where you don’t feel safe or you feel the area is becoming increasingly unsafe. Or your home has been broken into and you want to be prepared for the possibility of it happening again.

But you also may rightly be concerned about your ability to safely handle a gun…which is an understandable concern. Making a mistake handling or storing a gun can be lethal, and it’s vitally important to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to own a gun responsibly.

Firearms Training Services

If you’ve decided to own a gun, obviously your safety and your family’s safety is your top concern. Dave and his team can train you in necessary safety measures, to keep yourself and your home safe and avoid accidents. For one, you should be fully aware of gun safety rules, and understanding how to secure a gun and how it should be stored. You should also be completely comfortable handling a gun before you are in a situation where you have to.

In addition to storage and safety rules, learning to fire a gun with accuracy is important. Learning how to shoot effectively will help minimize the possibility of accidents. Remember how in the TV shows how you would see police officers in training, learning not only how to shoot the bad guys, but knowing when to hold back when they see civilians? When you can fire a gun accurately and quickly, the split second decision becomes easier, and you are more likely to be calm enough to react as necessary.

Firearms training gives you the confidence you need to store your gun safely but still in an accessible place. If you are in an emergency in an upstairs bedroom, your pistol stored in the basement does you no good. As your confidence grows with our firearms training, you’ll be better able to protect yourself and your family. You need to and will be able to stay calm under pressure, take in the situation and fully understand it. You’ll then be able to make a decision based on all of the factors involved.

Yes, Firearms Training Is Important For Homeowners – It Can Save Yours or Someone Else’s Life.

These are just a few reasons why firearms training is important for homeowners. It will help you stay safe and gain confidence. It will help you be ready for a situation that hopefully you’ll never have to deal with. Firearms training, however, is also an enjoyable experience. Learning through pistol shooting teaches discipline and hand eye coordination. Moreover, it improves an individual’s confidence in other walks of life.

If you are concerned about your safety, you may have chosen to own a gun. Be sure that you have the training you need to handle it properly and safely. Reach out to Blackstone today and ask us about our first class, comprehensive firearms training classes. We can help you become a safe, responsible, and confident gun owner.

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