Estate Security Services For Residents in Northern New Jersey Counties

Estate Security Services in Northern New Jersey Counties

Blackstone Security Group has recently been providing burglary victims with estate security services in Northern New Jersey Counties. Residents of Morris, Essex, Somerset, and Union Counties in NJ are on edge after a recent string of burglaries and carjackings has targeted luxury vehicles, leaving homeowners feeling unsafe in their own estates. The brazen criminals, caught on camera, are specifically seeking high-end cars, entering homes while families sleep. This unsettling trend highlights the need for robust security solutions.

One homeowner, understandably requesting anonymity, recounted how the intruders attempted entry through a side window before ultimately breaking in through the back door.

“With kids in the house, the situation could have been much worse,” the homeowner stated. “Thankfully, everyone is safe, but it’s incredibly unsettling.” The burglars came up to the house peering in with face coverings on, looking to break in. “It’s a violation of your sanctuary, the place where you feel safe,” the homeowner expressed. “It’s shocking that someone would go to such lengths just to steal a car.”

Authorities report similar incidents throughout Northern New Jersey overnight. In one instance, a Ring camera captured a conversation between the suspects. These burglars have been targeting luxury cars such as BMW’s, Mercedes, Range Rovers, and Jeeps. For this case the burglars successfully stole this homeowners Jeep, having been able to slip into the home and steal the key fob for the homeowners Jeep.

Blackstone Security Group (BSG) is a leader in Estate Security Services within Morris, Essex, Somerset, and Union Counties in NJ. We understand the unique challenges faced by residents in affluent neighborhoods and the importance of protecting your family, belongings, and peace of mind. Unlike traditional security systems, BSG offers a comprehensive approach that goes beyond alarms and cameras.

24/7 Peace of Mind with Estate Security Services in Northern New Jersey Counties

Our estate security services in Northern New Jersey Counties provide residents with 24/7/365 protection. Highly trained, experienced, and armed security agents, will be stationed at your residence, ensuring a rapid response to any security breach. Each security agent is a former police officer and is SORA certified through the New Jersey State Police. Our team at BSG works closely with local and State Police for any estate security detail job. This level of personal security gives you the peace of mind of knowing your family is always protected. 

A Three-Ring Approach to Unwavering Security

Blackstone Security Group utilizes a unique “Three Rings of Protection” protocol. This multi-layered approach prioritizes preventative measures to deter criminals and minimize risk, while ensuring maximum security with minimal disruption to your daily life.

  • The first ring: We perform a thorough risk assessment of your property, family routines, and potential vulnerabilities.
  • The second ring: We then utilize the information gathered to tailor a security plan that addresses your specific needs.
  • The third ring: Our team re-assesses the entire security plan and if needed, recommends any additional security measures like electronic security systems and alarms.

These three rings are all seamlessly integrated into our overall security strategy to better your protection and allows us to keep you safe.

Beyond Security: Collaborative Protection

Our commitment to your safety extends beyond physical protection. BSG offers security awareness training for your family and staff, ensuring everyone understands best practices for personal security. We also provide residents with not just estate security & training but also with armed security, estate security, VIP security, and privacy protection services. Each one of these security services follows our three rings of protection protocol, which provides maximum security while minimizing intrusiveness, and prioritizes proactive and preventative executive security.

Blackstone Security Group: Your Partner for Estate Security Services in Northern New Jersey Counties

In the face of rising crime rates, don’t become another statistic. Blackstone Security Group is here to help. We understand the anxieties residents in Northern New Jersey are facing and offer a comprehensive Estate Security Services package designed to keep residents of Morris, Essex, Somerset, and Union Counties in NJ safe. Contact us today and let us create a customized security plan that provides the peace of mind you deserve.